Failed: Why We Need A New Foreign Policy

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A Stop the War Coalition Briefing - Autumn 2017

'The aim of this briefing is simple; to give some background to the various issues and questions which have arisen in the course of the wars. We hope that this will be of value to trade unionists, students and activists throughout the movement in providing them with the basic arguments against the wars and the government policies which support them.

The Stop the War Coalition was established in 2001 to oppose what was then called ‘the war on terror’ – a misnomer if ever there was one. Since then we have organised thousands of activities and meetings, aimed at stopping the wars and establishing a radically different foreign policy. Our analysis and predictions about the course of the wars has proved much closer to the truth than the repeated assurances of governments.

We have established a permanent anti-war presence in Britain and have succeeded in changing public opinion on this question. But we cannot be complacent while British foreign policy is so committed to these interventions and while it seems determined to support Donald Trump regardless.'